Green house is a hot issue for modern building today. Almost countries in the world suggest to build eco-friendly building designs. There are some simple and easy ways to make green area in a house. Green home garden design is one of them. By completing the modern house with beautiful garden we will have some benefit. Beautiful green environment in our dwelling will make our home to be more pretty looks and fresh. In addition, we will get fresh air from various plants and decorative flowers which growth there. Some homeowners dislike design green garden because of some different reasons.

Outdoor layout home green gardenMost reasons haven’t budget, limited space, etc. If you haven’t enough space to create home garden design, don’t be sad you can make small garden both outdoor and indoor. In this simple inspirational page we completed with some fantastic images gallery as good references to start create dream eco-house design ideas. An important step is choosing the appropriate decorative plants. Plant is very important thing for any green area like garden and park. In the natural plants shops, they offer various types of plants’ house garden such as wall plants, floor plants, tables’ decorative plants and many more. You can select one or more according you need.

Green design home garden landscapeThe next important item for making beautiful home garden design is natural stones. Actually, this is not must exist. Natural stone will make an outdoor garden and indoor garden more natural looks. Like plants, we can install it on the wall and floor. Beside of that, high quality natural stones always to be installed in other rooms like kitchen and bathrooms. In other hands, most people like to spend their free day in the garden. That’s why we have to place or add patio furniture there. The furniture for outdoor garden consist of table and chairs set while bench with large umbrella. To get perfect natural nuance, we can add small pool or aquarium.