Cottage interior: Summer Home Tour 2023

Summer Home Tour 2023 | Cozy Cottage Decorating Ideas

Cottage interior: Welcome back to my cozy cottage! Whether you’re a returning viewer or new to my channel, I’m excited to take you on a summer home tour of my main living spaces. While I don’t go overboard with seasonal decorations, the vibrant hydrangeas in full bloom and fresh cut flowers throughout the house have truly inspired me to bring the outdoors in. Join me as I walk you through the subtle yet charming touches I’ve added to create a warm and inviting summer ambiance.

Entryway and Living Space: Cottage interior

As we start our tour at the entry table just off the front door.You’ll notice the whimsical stems I’ve adorned the table with. A local shop named Expressions of the Home provided these delightful pieces, adding a pop of green that perfectly complements the summer season. In addition to a ceramic candlestick holder and an assortment of games and puzzles on a dresser-cum-entry table create a versatile space.

Living Room

Moving into the heart of our home, you’ll find our family room where comfort meets functionality. An armoire hosts the TV, while my children’s play area adds an element of reality to the space. The recently acquired rug brings in shades of brown and blue. Contributing to a botanical and earthy feel that resonates with the season. Moreover a galvanized bucket filled with fresh hydrangeas atop the armoire adds a rustic touch.

Cozy Corners and Details: Cottage interio

My coffee table adorned with a wicker tray and a raised cake stand. Moreover accompanied by a fern greenery arrangement, serves as a picturesque focal point. The neutral linen texture of the pillow covers on the couches sets a year-round tone, with a blue floral block print pillow adding a touch of summer vibrancy. An elegant brass table lamp and a playful duck decoy complete the cozy corners.

Celebrating Summer with Mattress Firm: Cottage interior

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Dining Area: Cottage interior

Stepping into my beloved dining space, I’ve focused on the hutch as the canvas for my seasonal decor. In addition to simple patriotic elements, like antique-style American flags, add a touch of summer festivity. Vintage plates and a shutter adorn the shiplap walls, providing an elegant backdrop for family meals. Vintage soup tureens filled with fern stems and charming vintage accents complete the summer look.

Cottage interior

Herb Garden and Kitchen

My kitchen serves as the heart of our home, and this summer, I’ve added an herb garden just outside the kitchen sink window. Basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano are just a reach away, ensuring fresh ingredients for our meals. The coffee bar area remains a favorite, while farm-fresh eggs and a sun hat add a touch of rustic charm.

Office Space and Personal Touches: Cottage interior

Moving to my office, this personal sanctuary reflects my love for cool-toned blues and serene grays. Furthermore a large wooden and iron wall piece takes center stage, adding warmth and character. The space is adorned with personal touches, such as a summer bucket list sign crafted with my children. Creating a personalized and inviting atmosphere.

Parlor: A Room of Tranquility

In addition to The parlor, with windows on three sides, captures the essence of summer mornings. Sunlight floods this room, creating a soothing ambiance. The vintage mantel, adorned with a cozy candle, and baskets brimming with flowers, exemplify the tranquil and inviting spirit of this space.

Conclusion: Cottage interior

As we wrap up our summer home tour, I hope this glimpse into my cozy cottage has brought some inspiration and brightened your day. Thank you for joining me, and I look forward to sharing more home decor and lifestyle content with you soon. Until next time, take care!

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