Lavatory Paint: What to Know Earlier than Purchase

When it is time to paint a rest room, selecting one of the best kind of paint for the room is crucial resolution moreover selecting wall colours. You wish to select a toilet paint that’s finest suited to a room with larger humidity. The very best sheens or finishes for loos often embody eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

Some paint producers label paint cans as “toilet paint” for advertising functions, making it simpler for folks to seize paint off the shelf. Nonetheless, these specifically labeled paints often produce other advantages like mildew resistance, water resistance, and washability. For a premium value, paint producers additionally make bathroom-safe paints which might be matte or flat, which, in an everyday can of paint, wouldn’t stand as much as moisture, however their particular formulations do.


The “Lavatory Paint” Label

The great thing about a “toilet paint” label is it takes out all of the guesswork for consumers who need paint formulated for high-humidity rooms like loos. In lots of instances, “toilet paint” isn’t any completely different than a can labeled “eggshell” or “semi-gloss.”

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In response to Steve Revnew, Vice President of Product Innovation at Sherwin-Williams, many inside home merchandise are shifting away from the lavatory paint label. He explains that his firm emphasizes premium paints that “sort out moisture and supply sturdiness in any a part of the house” as an alternative of their initially branded Tub Paint.

Lavatory Paint


Issues to Contemplate When Selecting Lavatory Paint

Paints that carry out nicely in loos have just a few key traits:

  1. Mildew-inhibiting properties: Lavatory paint has anti-microbial components that assist resist (however not fully stop) mildew or mildew.
  2. Washable end: Since toilet partitions want an occasional wipe-down or scrubbing, good toilet paint is barely more durable and extra resilient than different inside paints.
  3. Tight construction: Some paints have a tighter construction, which may make lower-gloss sheens carry out in addition to higher-gloss paints in high-moisture environments.

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Why Loos Are Exhausting On Paint: Lavatory Paint

Loos are moist. In consequence, moisture ought to be your first concern when laying down a recent coat of paint in your partitions. Moisture impacts your toilet partitions in two methods. Damp air from steamy baths and showers collects on the partitions. Then, water immediately from the bathe, tub, or sink will get splashed onto the partitions.

Moisture can injury paint when it penetrates the paint layer and contacts the drywall or plaster floor beneath. This could result in peeling paint and mildew progress. The much less porous the paint coating, the much less moisture will get by way of.

How Paints Resist Moisture: Lavatory Paint

Lengthy earlier than mildew-resistant properties had been added to color, utilizing high-gloss paints was the simplest means of coping with toilet moisture. The upper the gloss, the higher the paint end performs in loos. In older loos, you’ll usually discover high-gloss finishes on all surfaces. Excessive-gloss paints don’t stop mildew, however they make simple work when wiping down these drippy, brown stains attribute of loos.


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Latex paint is finest for loos attributable to its capacity to withstand moisture. Mildew-resistant primer can be an important begin to a very good paint job in a rest room.

Sherwin-Williams’ line of Emerald Inside Acrylic Latex Paint comprises anti-microbial properties on par with Sherwin-Williams Tub Paint. It’s an superb paint alternative for trim, partitions, or ceilings.

Lavatory Paint

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The Greatest Paint to Use In Loos

Paint finishes are available in a variety of sheens, from flat or matte (the bottom gloss) to excessive gloss (the best).


Flat or matte is often thought of the worst possibility. “One downside with flat finishes in moist environments is that they’re porous and have a tendency to entice moisture,” stated Steve Revnew from Sherwin-Williams. “Shiny finishes, against this, virtually ‘bead water.'”

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The rule of thumb is to keep away from flat or matte and go extra shiny in loos. However high-end paint producers are breaking among the guidelines. Some high-quality paints branded as “toilet paint” have particular formulations, together with flat or matte choices that can resist moisture. For instance, Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald line and Benjamin Moore’s Aura Tub And Spa Matte End paint are low-sheen and specifically designed for high-moisture areas.


If you concentrate on a rooster egg, its floor seems matte however permits water to bead on it. Eggshell paint is analogous; it has a slight sheen, very like a rooster egg. It’s extra washable and resists water higher than flat paint; nonetheless, moisture will ultimately permeate it. It is best utilized in a low-moisture toilet.

Zinsser’s Perma-White paint claims to be assured to stop the expansion of mildew and mildew for at least 5 years. Perma-White will be tinted to off-white, pastel, and medium colours. It is available in eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss finishes.

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Satin and eggshell are typically interchangeable, relying on the paint producer. It often has a little bit of a gloss, considerably greater than an eggshell. It’s one other good possibility for a low-moisture toilet. A superb satin paint end for loos is Behr’s Premium Plus Satin Enamel Low Odor Inside Paint and Primer in One.


Semi-gloss is without doubt one of the finest selections for a loo, repelling water nicely and conserving the toilet wanting elegant. It edges out excessive gloss because the best choice for loos since most don’t want an ultra-shiny floor on their toilet partitions. Good choices for semi-gloss embody PPG UltraLast Base 1 Semi-Gloss Inside Paint and Behr’s Premium Semi-Gloss Enamel Low Odor Inside Paint and Primer in One.

Lavatory Paint

Shiny or Excessive-Gloss

Excessive gloss is the least porous of the paint finishes, however beware since ultra-glossy paints can cheapen the look in a room. It is best used on wall trim, baseboards, and toilet cupboards. Valspar Extremely Excessive-Gloss Extremely White/Base A Enamel Tintable Inside Paint is an effective alternative for shiny paint.

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Value of Lavatory Paint vs. Customary Paint

Paint labeled “toilet paint” tends to be on the excessive finish of inside paints, excluding overpriced designer paints. You’ll be able to count on to pay about as a lot as, or just a little greater than, premium normal paint, or about $50 to $100 per gallon. The excellent news is you may get high-quality paint designed to final within the toilet. And fortuitously, small loos often take lower than a gallon for 2 coats.

However, if you happen to do not want low-sheen paint in your toilet, you need to be proud of good-quality satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss normal paint with antimicrobial components and a extremely washable end.

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