One Bedroom Apartment ? 8 Inspirational Decor Ideas

One Bedroom Apartment ? 8 Inspirational Decor Ideas

An apartment refers to a housing unit within a building, often termed an apartment building or apartment house. The apartment’s size varies based on the owner’s intent, whether for personal use or for renting out. Most places typically adhere to a standard protocol. The apartments can be classified as a one-bedroom apartment or two-bedroom apartment and so on.

The general question however still remains that what is a one-bedroom apartment.The exact definition of the one-bedroom differs from places as the features offered are different. In general, the one-bedroom apartment is expected to contain a bedroom, a living room, kitchen along with a bathroom. The other features may vary from the owners and place point of view.

For example the studio one bedroom apartments would integrate the bedroom, living room and the kitchen into a common place called the living space. It how ever has a separate bathroom. The one bedroom apartments may also come completely furnished with all the kitchen equipments, beds and even closets.

People often confuse the choice between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment. Studio apartments often appeal to singles or couples due to their open living space, and in some locations, they may be cheaper than one-bedroom apartments.

However, if you’re considering accommodating a family, a one-bedroom apartment might be a better choice due to separate rooms, ensuring maintained privacy.

one bedroom

15 square metres apartment: one bedroom

Some might consider 15 square meters to be just about the right size for a room. While that’s often the case, sometimes 15 square meters is what the entire apartment measures. That’s the case of a cool project completed by studio Eliemetni. They had to squeeze all the important features of a full apartment into a micro space in Beirut. They managed to include pretty much everything: a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom area. It’s surprising how much a well-planned layout can mean for a home.

33-square-metre New York apartment

This apartment from New York measures 33 square meters which is already a lot more than the previously mentioned project. Still, it’s not a lot by any means. In order to make it as convenient and as functional as possible, Graham Hill used a lot of expandable and multifunctional furniture in the interior design.Modular blocks that offer various seating configurations, an expandable table that can host 10 guests, and cabinets that transform into side tables and fold-down beds all contribute to the flexibility and versatility of this space.

36 square meter Small and Sculpted Studio Apartment

This 36 square meter apartment in Australia by Catseye Bay Design has a really cool and stylish interior. It’s bold yet simple and it has a refined and modern aesthetic. Inside there’s space for a small kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a living room. There’s space to work, relax and even entertain guests.Custom furniture dictates the layout and guides visitors through the various spaces.

33 m² flat: one bedroom

Here’s another compact and multifunctional apartment, this time located at the center of Moscow. Studio Bazi designed this inviting space with areas spanning two levels, connected by a modern staircase. To amplify the perception of space, white paint covers the walls and ceilings, and the extensive use of wood instills a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

This place measures 33 square meters in total.

50-square-metre apartment

When asked to renovate this 50 square meter apartment, interior designer Eliat Dar focused mainly on using a lot of simple and affordable materials and using them to create built-in, flexible furniture. The goal was to reinvigorate and update the apartment without making a big investment. To create a more expansive living area, the balcony wall was taken down and a cozy window seat was introduced. A space-saving glass wall, which is not transparent, separates the bathroom from the social area, offering a modern feel while ensuring privacy.

one bedroom

27-square-metre apartment in São Paulo: one bedroom

The main goal of this project was to make this apartment feel more like a home rather than a hotel room. The apartment, available for rent, spans just 27 square meters. Studio TRIA Arquitetura faced the challenge of designating distinct areas for each function due to the apartment’s compact size. Originally, there was only a piece of glass between the bedroom and the bathroom. A shutter was added for more privacy. A lot of the furniture was custom-made which allows it to fit the space perfectly and that always helps a small home.

Measure from 23 to 74 square metres apartment

The Mono apartments are a series of compact spaces in Stockholm. Their interiors were created by Note Design Studio and the focus was to turn them into chic spaces for socializing and entertaining guests. As such, the kitchen, dining area and living room are combination into a single space with a small but welcoming layout and plenty of flexibility in terms of the different possible configurations. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and turn this into a really nice gathering space. The private section of the apartments is separate from all of this.

Prototype 33-square-metre apartment: one bedroom

Located in Taipei, this 33 square meter apartment serves as a prototype for a guest house available for lease to city workers. Designed by Phoebe Sayswow Architects, this one-bedroom apartment boasts a tall ceiling, accommodating a loft bedroom. That leaves all the main floor area for the social spaces like the kitchen, dining area and living room. The design arranges them over two levels, featuring a lower section and stairs that also serve as seating.

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