Solar Bird Feeder Lentern for Mome Grandma Women

Product Overview

The Tepaken Solar Bird Feeder is a uniquely designed outdoor hanging garden lantern that also functions as a bird feeder, specifically appealing to bird enthusiasts and garden decorators. It targets species like butterflies and cardinals and also is made from durable metal with a special feature of lights for added appeal. The feeder supports a hanging mount type installation.

This product combines functionality with decoration, offering a retro copper design that projects a patterned light (specifically, a dragonfly pattern) on the ground at night, enhancing the beauty of gardens, patios, yards, and also porches. It’s durable, featuring heavy-duty metal construction with a rust-resistant coating and IP45 waterproof rating. The top and bottom metal covers ensure the feeder’s durability and waterproof qualities. Additionally, the feeder has a design that keeps the seeds dry.

Durability and Waterproof Features

Ease of use and also maintenance are key features, with components that can be easily disassembled for cleaning. The solar-powered light lasts 8-10 hours after being fully charged. This bird feeder serves as a perfect gift for various occasions, combining decorative and functional elements in one.

It retails for $18.99 and also comes in a hummingbird color pattern, with other designs available at different prices. The feeder has received positive ratings for its ease of assembly, style, sturdiness, and also ease of cleaning. It’s sold by the Tepaken store and ranks well in its category on Amazon, reflecting customer satisfaction and preference for durable, stylish, and functional outdoor bird feeders.

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