20 Renovation Regrets | INTERIOR IEDAS

20 Renovation Regrets | INTERIOR IEDAS

Top 20 Renovation Regrets from a Singaporean HDB BTO 4-Room Home Makeover

Introduction: 20 Renovation Regrets

  • Begin with a brief introduction about home renovations, emphasizing the context of Singapore’s HDB BTO (Build-To-Order) 4-room flats.
  • Mention the aim of the post is to share real-life experiences to help others avoid common renovation mistakes.

Understanding Your Needs and Budget: 20 Renovation Regrets

  • Start with the importance of planning and budgeting.
  • Discuss how the homeowners wished they had been more meticulous in discussing tiling works and selecting materials.
  • Include the regret of not opting for bigger format tiles for symmetry.
20 Renovation Regrets

Attention to Detail in Finishing

  • Focus on the importance of details like mitred edges in tiling and the use of metallic trimmings for a refined look.
  • Mention how overlooking small details can lead to dissatisfaction with the final look.

Material Selection and Long-Term Maintenance

  • Discuss the choice of materials like vinyl flooring and the issues faced.
  • Share the regret of not choosing more durable materials that require less maintenance.

Maximizing Space and Functionality: 20 Renovation Regrets

  • Talk about the importance of utilizing every inch of space, especially in small homes.
  • Include the example of the unused space in the walk-in wardrobe and the regret of not installing a Murphy bed in the study room.
20 Renovation Regrets

Lighting and Electrical Considerations

  • Highlight the need for careful planning in electrical and lighting setups, using the example of the cove ceilings and the challenges with sockets.

Smart Home Integration

  • Discuss the integration of smart home features and the regrets related to choosing certain products.
  • Mention the issues with the KDK Airy ceiling fans as an example.

Bathroom Design and Functionality

  • Address the importance of bathroom design, focusing on vanity height and tiling.
  • Share the experience of the height mismatch and the challenges with epoxy grouting.

The Biggest Reno Regrets

  • Tease the audience about the topmost renovation regret, encouraging them to stay tuned for more insights.


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