Home Renovation Goes Big and Loud Style


Transforming a South Dakota Home: A Bold Renovation Journey


In the ever-evolving world of home renovation, the desire for unique, personalized spaces has led to the emergence of bold and distinctive design choices. This article dives into an extraordinary renovation project in South Dakota, where a family sought to revamp their home into a space that screams comfort yet makes a striking statement, as showcased on HGTV’s “Down Home Fab.”

Client’s Vision

The clients dreamed of a home that welcomes guests with warmth but also a “Bam” of boldness and style. They envisioned a blend of old Hollywood elegance with rustic glam—a combination that promises both comfort and a statement. This vision set the stage for a challenging yet exciting project for the design team.


Challenges and Opportunities: Home

At the outset, the project presented several challenges. A dining room that was rarely used, the inclusion of a family piano in the design. And the necessity for a layout that caters to a busy family life. These challenges were viewed not as obstacles but as opportunities to innovate and transform.

Design Strategy: Home

The strategy was clear from the beginning: create a bold entrance that leads into a seamlessly integrated living and dining area. Ensuring each space makes a statement while remaining functional. The kitchen’s transformation was pivotal, aimed at becoming the heart of the home where memories are made.

Renovation Process: Home

The renovation journey began with the demolition of outdated elements. Paving the way for the introduction of custom features and a reimagined space layout. The kitchen cabinets were retained and refreshed. Embodying the project’s sustainable and budget-friendly ethos, while new, bold elements. Like a custom antler chandelier added a unique signature to the home.


Unique Features

Among the standout features of the renovation were the innovative use of materials and space. Such as the raised dining room floor for level continuity and the selection of durable yet stylish finishes. The custom antler chandelier became a focal point, symbolizing the project’s blend of personalization and style.

Final Reveal and Client Reaction

The climax of the project was the emotional reveal to the clients. The transformation surpassed their expectations, marrying functionality with their desired bold and glamorous style. The joy and satisfaction expressed by the family underscored the project’s success. Leaving a lasting impact on both the clients and the design team.


Reflecting on this South Dakota home’s renovation journey highlights the importance of a client-centered approach, the value of custom craftsmanship, and the transformative power of bold design choices. This project not only fulfilled the clients’ dreams but also enriched the design team’s portfolio, showcasing their ability to turn challenges into opportunities for innovation and beauty.

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