3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Bedroom

An Insight into Space Savers and Creativity

Introduction: 3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Bedroom

3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Bedroom: Three talented interior designers, Alvin, Laura, and Lula, embark on a unique challenge presented by Architectural Digest: to transform an identical, spacious bedroom into a bespoke sanctuary reflecting their distinct design philosophies. This exploration not only showcases the power of creativity but also the importance of personalization in interior design.

3 Interior Designers

Design Concepts

Alvin introduces a Cozy Lux Modern approach, focusing on warmth and modernity. Laura opts for a Tailored, Layered, and Classically Modern style, emphasizing sophistication and timeless elegance. Lula, on the other hand, aims to balance Softness with Roughness, creating a harmonious blend of textures and contrasts.

Transforming the Space: 3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Bedroom

Each designer approaches the room with a fresh perspective, altering structural elements to amplify natural light and views. Alvin and Laura favor arches to soften the space, while Lula introduces unique window shapes for a playful light effect. The designers agree on removing outdated carpeting, opting for hardwood and statement rugs that anchor the design.

3 Interior Designers

Furniture and Decor

Alvin’s Cozy Lux vision brings in plush, inviting furniture, grounding the airy space with warmth. Laura’s Classically Modern selection includes tailored pieces that speak of refined luxury. Lula’s blend of soft and rough textures introduces an eclectic mix, from a hanging bed to mixed-material nightstands, showcasing her innovative edge.

Personal Touches

Art and accessories play a significant role in each designer’s scheme, adding layers of personality and intrigue. Plants are universally used to inject life and purify the air, with each designer selecting species that complement their overall aesthetic.

Conclusion: 3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Bedroom

This challenge highlights the transformative power of interior design, proving that a single space can be reimagined in myriad ways through creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of personal style. The designers’ ability to maintain cohesion while infusing individuality into their spaces offers endless inspiration for anyone looking to transform their own home.

3 Interior Designers


  1. What are the key elements in transforming a bedroom space?
    • Natural light, strategic use of color, and personalized touches are vital.
  2. How do designers incorporate their unique style?
    • Through signature elements like custom furniture, unique color schemes, and personal art choices.
  3. What role does lighting play in bedroom design?
    • It sets the mood, enhances functionality, and highlights architectural features.
  4. How can art and accessories personalize a space?
    • They reflect the inhabitant’s personality, interests, and aesthetic preferences.
  5. Tips for selecting furniture for a bedroom makeover?
    • Consider scale, functionality, and how pieces complement the overall design theme.

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