Master Bedroom Summer Decorate with me

Master Bedroom Summer Decorate with me


Master Bedroom Summer Decorate: Welcome back to my channel! Since moving in almost two years ago, aside from purchasing new furniture, the room has remained untouched. I’ve been longing to infuse the space with color, moodiness, and also texture to create a cozy, inviting haven for my husband and me. Let’s dive into the transformation process and explore how simple changes can dramatically elevate a space.

Master Bedroom Summer Decorate with me

Creating a Focal Point: Master Bedroom Summer Decorate

Our bedroom’s transformation began with the decision to enhance the main wall. Which is the first thing seen upon entering. To draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a taller ceiling, I opted for a floor-to-ceiling board and batten feature wall. The choice of color was pivotal in setting the room’s ambiance. Straying from the white that dominates our home, I selected “Pashmina” by Benjamin Moore, inspired by McKenna on YouTube. This moody hue added the exact vibe I craved, applied not only to the wall but also to the trim, doors, and baseboards in a semi-gloss finish for cohesion.

Elevating with Decor

The next phase involved carefully selecting elements that would complement the wall’s rich color. The Amber Interiors and the Lloyd rug were perfect, pairing beautifully with “Pashmina.” Custom linen curtains from Kartara added elegance. And also were tailored to my specifications. Including fabric, color, type of header, lining, and sizing. Opting for Harris linen blend curtains with a double pinch pleat header and white lining, I achieved privacy and a room-darkening effect, hanging them from ceiling to floor for a dramatic, puddled look.

Master Bedroom Summer Decorate with me

Adding Personal Touches: Master Bedroom Summer Decorate

Decorating is my favorite part, where personal touches bring the space to life. Moreover my sheets, featuring a delicate lace detail, were sourced from Amazon. Topped with a handmade quilt from Etsy for texture. Although primarily decorative, this quilt adds visual interest. The bed was completed with a linen duvet cover from Her Thin Hand and minimalistic pillows. Including some with fringe details that I adore. A lumbar pillow from Michael’s, initially intended for the couch, found its perfect spot here, illustrating the value of repurposing decor.

Functional Styling: Master Bedroom Summer Decorate

My nightstands retain the lamps purchased last summer, proving some pieces remain timeless. I styled my side with a book and a Mickey and Copa, adding greenery from Hobby Lobby. A brass trinket dish, a recent find. And a water carafe for my husband (a practical addition he’s come to love) add both style and function. Recognizing the room’s size, I introduced a seating area with chairs from Target and a table from Amazon, creating a cozy nook perfect for quiet moments or nursing our soon-to-arrive baby.

Master Bedroom Summer Decorate with me

Final Touches: Master Bedroom Summer Decorate

The makeover extended to replacing an outdated mirror with a larger one from Amazon, fitting the dresser’s scale better. Styling with favorite pieces like the Langston vase and vintage-inspired candlestick holder added layers of interest. An empty corner was filled with a citrus tree from Amazon, a budget-friendly. Alternative to Pottery Barn’s version, placed in a planter found at HomeGoods.

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