20 Suggestions for Gardening With Chickens

20 Suggestions for Gardening With Chickens


Gardening with chickens – it’d sound like a stylish new concept in homesteading and horticulture. However the actuality is that it may be a extremely efficient solution to produce your individual meals. Chances are you’ll be questioning, can chickens truly assist me with my gardening?

Sure! Chickens are glorious foragers and can eat bugs and weed seeds in your backyard. Additionally they present fertilizer by consuming high-nitrogen crops like clover and grass to provide droppings. That include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and different vitamins.

So for those who’re prepared to provide this concept a strive, take into account these 20 ideas for gardening with chickens.

20 Suggestions for Gardening With Chickens

1. Handle the Manure

As you would possibly count on, the largest advantage of gardening with chickens is. That you simply’ll have entry to an countless quantity of manure on your backyard. Hen manure is a few of the finest fertilizer you will see that and chickens are nice at producing it! Within the coop, it’s going to accumulate beneath the roost bars, beneath the nesting bins, and just about wherever your chickens are likely to spend their time!

You possibly can scrape it out of the coop and use it round your crops. In fact, it’s also possible to enable your chickens to roam freely within the backyard. The place they are going to deposit the fertilizer for you. For those who do that after you’ve planted seedlings or seeds, after all, you’ll need to take steps to verify the chickens don’t destroy your whole arduous work (extra on this later).

2. Make Certain There’s Some Shade

garden chicken

It might probably get scorching in the course of the summer time in a backyard – take into account including some crops that can present your chickens with shade. These tall crops also can defend your birds from the weather and from predators. Some good choices embrace tall timber and even rose bushes. Your chickens would possibly nibble on a few of the decrease development however ought to depart the taller stuff untouched.

3. Incorporate Hardscaping

Add some chicken-friendly hardscaping to the backyard, equivalent to gravel paths. Chickens will take pleasure in consuming the gravel and it’ll additionally assist hold weeds down – double bonus! It’s also possible to add low stone partitions that can give the chickens a spot to perch and can present them with a spot to get their ft out of the mud in moist climate.

4. Develop a Chickens-Solely Backyard: Gardening With Chickens

In case you have an unused portion of your backyard. Take into account planting it into an space that’s only for the birds! You possibly can plant wholesome treats or enable nutritious weeds, like purslane, to develop wild on your ladies to take pleasure in.

5. Don’t Use Pesticides or Fertilizers

For those who can skip them, keep away from utilizing chemical compounds like fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides in a backyard the place chickens will someday roam. This will severely hurt your chickens and for those who resolve to eat their eggs or meat afterward, it might in the end hurt you, too.

6. Make Metallic Cages: Gardening With Chickens

Gardening With Chickens

One of the tough features of gardening with chickens is coping with the havoc they will wreak in your unsuspecting crops. Chickens, by their very nature wish to scratch and until up each naked spot of soil they will discover. As you would possibly count on, this may injury or kill your whole crops.

To get round this, take into account making some metallic cages made out of write fencing to assist defend your low-growing crops. This wire fencing will defend crops from rabbits and deer, too.

It’s also possible to use easy hen netting to make fences round greens which can be grown in mulch or round ones you don’t need the chickens to destroy.

7. Use Row Covers

Gardening With Chickens

One other means you’ll be able to stop chickens from destroying your crops is to make tunnels out of chook netting or tulle netting – or to easily buy store-bought row covers that you need to use to guard your crops from the chickens. As an added bonus, you need to use these covers afterward to guard your crops from an early or late-season frost.

8. Bust Out the Blankets: Gardening With Chickens

Gardening With Chickens

Don’t need to spend the cash on row covers? One other means you’ll be able to stop chickens from destroying your backyard is to make use of outdated blankets. These blankets will stop chickens from tilling up cultivated beds. Simply ensure the blankets are positioned or staked in order that they don’t come into direct contact with the crops themselves.

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9. Keep away from Poisonous Crops: Gardening With Chickens

There are specific crops you need to keep away from rising in your hen backyard as they will make your chickens extraordinarily sick (and even kill them) in the event that they resolve to take a chunk. Some to keep away from embrace:

  • Boxwood
  • Bleeding coronary heart
  • Amaryllis
  • Daffodil
  • Lupine
  • Lantana
  • Foxglove
  • Hemlock
  • Morning glory
  • Rhododendron
  • Yew
  • Wisteria
  • Oleander
  • Philodendron
  • Hydrangea
  • Iris
  • Ivy
  • Lantana

For those who do resolve to develop these, plant them someplace through which your chickens received’t be tempted to take a chunk.

10. Train Warning with Nightshades

There’s a false impression on the market you could simply develop nightshade crops round chickens. That’s as a result of nightshades, together with potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers, include compounds which can be poisonous to chickens and different animals.

Nevertheless, you will need to be aware that it is just the plant components (such because the leaves and stem) which can be poisonous and never the ripened fruits themselves. Chickens will benefit from the alternative to nibble in your ripe or semi-ripe tomatoes. In some instances, they could even pattern the crops. Due to this fact, be sure to afford your nightshade crops the identical protections you give the opposite crops in your backyard.

11. Use Moveable Netting

If you need your chickens to graze in a single space of your backyard – however not the entire thing – you’ll be able to set up some transportable poultry netting to maintain them contained. Prohibit them to only one space of the backyard with the netting they usually can free vary to their coronary heart’s content material. As a bonus, this can assist defend them from predators whereas they’re arduous at work in your backyard.

12. Let Weeds Stay: Gardening With Chickens

There are some weeds that aren’t solely helpful to the backyard however will also be allowed to remain put to provide your chickens some meals. Take into account letting weeds like dandelions, chickweed, and purslane keep proper the place they’re – your chickens will take pleasure in munching on them they usually also can present some meals for pollinators!

13. No Plant is Hen Proof: Gardening With Chickens

As we talked about earlier, it’s vital to not get overconfident in the case of rising a hen backyard. Simply because a hen doesn’t munch on a sure plant right now, that doesn’t imply that she’s going to completely keep away from it tomorrow! Even when a hen doesn’t eat your plant, she nonetheless would possibly resolve to dig it up, sit on it, or injury it in different methods.

There are many crops which can be stated to be “hen proof” equivalent to junipers, candy potato vines, butterfly bushes, and decorative grasses – nevertheless, do not forget that no plant is 100% protected.

14. Watch the Mulch

Chickens will go after nearly any plant they discover however for no matter purpose, they’re notably drawn to crops which can be rising in mulch (equivalent to straw or hay). The probably purpose for that is that they need to scratch up all of the bugs and tiny critters which can be hanging out throughout the thick bedding of mulch.

Whereas mulch poses many benefits to the gardener, notably the natural gardener, you do have to be cautious about utilizing an excessive amount of of it round chickens – it might find yourself doing extra hurt than good!

15. Use Rocks

For those who should use mulch, notably in delicate areas equivalent to round perennial herbs and flowers, there’s a easy trick you’ll be able to attempt to cease chickens from digging up what you’ve planted. Merely mulch across the crops with flat stones! This may cease the chickens from attending to your tender crops, although they are going to, after all, nonetheless until the mulch in different areas of the mattress.

16. Thoughts the Garden

Conserving chickens in your backyard is one factor – permitting them to hang around in your garden is one other fully. Complete hen manure is a superb fertilizer that may in the end result in a pleasant, lush inexperienced garden, it may be arduous in your grass. For those who let chickens graze your garden, it’s possible you’ll need to take into account rotationally grazing them in order that they don’t utterly decimate a whole part suddenly.

17. Backyard and Graze in Zones

If you realize you need to present your chickens with free entry to the backyard however don’t need them to destroy fragile seedlings and until up freshly planted seeds, a simple solution to have the perfect of each worlds is to graze in zones. Let your chickens graze round tomatoes and peppers solely early within the season, earlier than there are any fruits, and transfer them to a different space as soon as these crops begin to produce ripening fruits.

Gardening With Chickens

18. Take into account Clipping Wings

Sadly, the draw back to lots of the modifications that we’ve talked about above is that they solely work in case your chickens don’t fly over the fences you’ve erected. To stop them from doing this, take into account clipping their wings.

Don’t fear – this received’t hurt your chickens in any respect. All you’ll need to do is clip the chickens’ flight feathers on one facet in order that they’re imbalanced and may’t “catch air!” to fly.

19. Work the Perimeter

Love the thought of getting your chickens hand around in the backyard however don’t need to hold sorting them? You possibly can fertilize simply the outskirts of the backyard and let your chickens go to city on slugs and grasshoppers by constructing a fringe fence across the outdoors of the backyard.

20. Use Raised Beds

When tall sufficient – and maybe when paired with chickens whose wings have been clipped – you need to use raised beds to maintain your crops protected and permit your chickens to work the world round these beds as a substitute. Plus, it’s much less labor-intensive for you, since raised beds lower down on a whole lot of the weeding, fertilizing, and different chores related to gardening immediately within the floor.

Advantages of Gardening With Chickens

Yard chickens might be an vital asset for the backyard. Chickens like to eat bugs, slugs, and different pests that destroy crops. Additionally they scratch the bottom as they peck for meals or bugs which helps with aeration within the soil and may also help flip up weed seeds.

Plus, chickens are pure fertilizer factories-they produce droppings wealthy in nitrogen and potassium. This implies you may have much less want for chemical fertilizers (and naturally, for herbicides and pesticides, as talked about above).

There are numerous advantages to gardening with chickens. Now that you realize the numerous methods you may get your feathered buddies concerned within the backyard, it’s time to purchase your crops and get began this spring!

Listed here are different wholesome Tips so that you can take pleasure in!

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